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B2B Web Design

B2B Web Design As a B2B business, your website serves a critical role in your marketing and lead generation.

Therefore, creating an effective B2B website design first requires a critical understanding of your web visitors’ psychographics, mindset, and visit intent

in addition, The B2B sales cycle is typically longer and more complex.

Moreover, The majority of web visitors aren’t ready to contact your team or make a purchase.

in addition, The customer journey is typically much longer with any purchase decision requiring approval from multiple stakeholders and diligent research.

In order to engage web visitors, your website needs to

  • establish trust & credibility
  • clearly define your value proposition
  • provide informative content
  • calls to action

1. Understand Your Web Visitors

in addition, If you don’t understand the mindset and intent of your web visitors, then how can you create a site that engages them?

A lot of businesses make the mistake of building a website from the “inside-out.” The company stakeholders all get together and decide what they want on the site.

The problem with that approach is that you aren’t considering the needs and motivations of the people who will be using the site – your web visitors.

Build Your Site from the Outside-In
Empathy is the key to an effective B2B website design. Start by identifying the different classes of web visitors to your site through both quantitative and qualitative research.

  • Quantitative – reviewing website analytics for the various segments of web visitors and analyzing visitor behavior with heat maps or visitor recording
  • Qualitative research – talking to your team members who communicate with prospects day-to-day.
  • Those team members typically have tons of information on what types of questions are asked, what concerns are voiced by prospects, and what goals are expressed.

 Make Your Site Relevant to the Customer Journey

For B2B websites, the majority of web visitors are not ready to talk to your team right away. Your visitor typically has other needs and questions that need to be met first, such as:

  • Am I in the right place? Can I trust this company?
  • Is this the right product/service for me? What value would it bring me?
  • What do I need to do to make an informed decision?
  • Are there others like me that have made this same decision?

in addition, The solution is to understand your web visitor’s intent and customer journey.

A web/UX strategist can help you create a customer journey map

which identifies the motivations and needs of each visitor during the critical steps of the decision process:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision Making

A customer journey map can then guide you on the structure of your website and help you create an intuitive navigation.

Your website navigation is extremely important on the site.

in addition, A confusing website navigation with tons of pages and options can overwhelm a visitor.

If you need quite a few pages in the top navigation, consider a mega menu instead of a long-list of drop downs that are cumbersome to navigate.

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