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Billboards Egypt If you are looking for billboards,

inaddition, bus adverts, tube advertising,

taxi ads or any other type of outdoor adve

Bus Ads in Egypt
Bus Ads in Egypt

rtising media in between

Malafaat team can get your advertisement

seen by your target market through a range of effective options.

Billboards Egypt  (or out-of-home advertising as it is often known)

is one of the most popular marketing mediums in the country

and is used by a wide range of companies

due to its ability to offer a fantastic return on investment.

At Malafaat Advertising Company in Egypt

we offer a full range of options to suit various budgets and locations.

If this brilliant form of advertising is of interest, simply contact us today

and one of our experts will call you to talk you through the options

and supply quotes for your consideration.

Types of Outdoor Advertising Media Available

in addition, Please find below a list of the main options available,

for more information simply follow the links or drop us a message:

Train and Railway Station Advertising Options

Railways Ads in Egypt
Railways Ads in Egypt

in addition, There are many options for advertising at train stations including:

  • Posters on train station platforms
  • Large digital screens in train station terminals
  • in addition, Large billboard posters positioned throughout the stations
  • Standard railway posters found in walkways and ticket offices
  • Adverts inside the train carriages
  • 48 sheets and 96 sheets on platforms
  • and near the arrival/departure boards
  • Ticket barrier adverts, sometimes known as agates
  • Escalator panel adverts (LEPS)

Advertising in Shopping Centres  and Surrounding Areas

Advertising in shopping centers, retail parks and their locale is particularly popular

with clients directly promoting products being sold in that shopping center

but this form of marketing also favors local businesses and regional services

Center Ads Egypt
Center Ads Egypt

in addition, promoting goods and events nearby

such as restaurants, gyms and healthcare services.

in addition, Malafaat Adverts in shopping centers

is a great form of outdoor advertising in Egypt

as it hits people who are out and about

wanting to spend money and in a relaxed mood.

in addition, If you are looking for the best

in addition, Advertising Services in Egypt Contact us

Moreover, B R A N D I N G S E R V I C E S

in addition, A N D E V E N T S

Moreover, M A R K E T I N G S E R V I C E S

in addition, B R A N D I N G

in addition, contact us

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