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Bulk SMS

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Bulk SMS Saudi Arabia  is sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes using text messages (SMS).

These messages are mostly meant to communicate time-sensitive offers, updates, and alerts to people who have consented to receive these messages from your business.

If this sms marketing definition sounds too complicated – don’t worry. This article covers all of the terms above that to give you a better idea of how SMS marketing can enhance your digital marketing strategy.

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It’s no mystery that developing relationships with customers takes work.

If you want to reach your customers, you can’t wait for them to come to you. You have to be proactive and go where they are.

Now, I don’t expect (or advise) you to go knocking on all your customers’ and prospects’ doors – that would be madness.

But, you could do the next best thing.

Bulk SMS Services Saudi Arabia
Bulk SMS Services Saudi Arabia

Bulk SMS

As people become more attached to their phones, text messages become the most direct line of contact.

This has made text message marketing, or SMS marketing, one of the most effective forms of communicating with customers when done correctly.

What are the rules and best practices for Bulk SMS ?

Make sure your contacts have opted in to SMS

Text messaging is a very effective and direct line of communication to the customer.

But, there are many rules that you should consider when planning your SMS marketing strategy.

The first, and most important of these is receiving permission from your contacts to send them SMS messages.

SMS has an extremely high open rate, but this won’t help you if you’re sending messages to people who don’t want them.

Not to mention opt-in is required in most countries.

Be mindful of the timing of your messages.

Unlike email, which is only checked a few times daily (at most), people open text messages almost immediately.

This is great for urgent messages, but you don’t want to abuse this power by disturbing contacts at odd hours in the day.

Would you want to run out and use a coupon that just woke you up at 2 AM on a Wednesday night? Didn’t think so.

Some countries even have laws about when you can send marketing text messages

(e.g. France does not allow SMS marketing on Sundays, holidays, or anytime after 10 PM).

Include your company’s name in your messages.

When sending bulk SMS messages, most providers send them through a short code, which means your contacts won’t know it is coming from you.

That is why you have to let your contacts know who is sending the message in the first place.

You don’t want to send a promotional coupon to customers and not have them know where to go, right?

Use SMS to complement the rest of your digital marketing strategy

The beauty of digital marketing is that there are so many channels that you can use to interact with your customers.

All of these channels tie together to create a marketing communication system that enables businesses to build relationships with customers and leads at great scale.

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