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Malafaat is an Advertising Company provide:

  1. Branding
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Corporate Gifts
  4. Printing
  5. Marketing
  6. Social Media Management
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. SMS Marketing
  9. Video Montage
  10. Website Design
  11. Events Management

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Moreover, Whether your marketing campaign is focused around

a specific product, has a small budget

and in addition,  will only run for a month in a narrow geographic location

or is a large, global, multi-month initiative with a significant budget

the point is that the first few stages of your campaign

Moreover, should be focused on defining your strategy and plan.

Who will Help You Get There?

in addition, Most marketing campaigns,

even short-running ones with small budgets,

need a team to help bring it to fruition. So,

who are the individuals you’d need to rely on

to successfully implement and measure your marketing campaign?

in addition, This roster might include:

Are you planning to hire

Moreover, a Marketing Consultant for your business?

in addition, Contact Malafaat and we will support you with

in addition, all Marketing Strategy and Operation and Publishing

Moreover, Marketing Should start 1 Month Before Business and

for 3-6 Months if you are looking to build a new Brand