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Wedding Event

Wedding Event planner and Management in Egypt

Malafaat provide the best Management and planning for Birthday Events including:

  • Pre-event organization
  • Planning an event that meets the stated objectives
  • Working out event budget, and logistics (venue, catering, etc)
  • Managing an effective event marketing campaign
  • Managing registrants
  • On-the-day management
  • Ensuring that on the day logistics are running smoothly (catering, venue, equipment)
  • Managing event staff to help mark attendance, run speeches, provide attendee support, collect sign ups etc.
  • Sending SMS communications to attendees when needed (last minute venue changes, parking notices etc)
  • Post-event communication, reporting & analysis
  • Managing post-event marketing/communications (‘thank you for coming’ email, feedback surveys, etc)
  • Reviewing reports
  • Analyzing feedback and report data to measure whether event goal was achieved

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