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Marketing Company Egypt

Marketing Company Egypt

Malafaat  supporting you on how to make a Successful Marketing Campaign

everyone think that he can do a successful Marketing campaign based on some tactics

and tools in marketing solutions with a huge of marketing companies worldwide but

today i will talk about marketing in my country Egypt

in addition, its the same for all countries if I’m not wrong.

Marketing Company Egypt

based the following things:

Business Category

Other Competitors





Targeted Audiences

Business Category:

it Make a sense if you know what are you marketing for

and what is your vision and mission to explain for marketers to support you.

Other Competitors:

reddit or Others means where is quality of your marketing and Where/what are Competitors doing

and on which networks like some Business Success on Twitter and other on Instagram etc..


also make sense to your Successful AD, Based on what are you going to market

in addition, if its video, where you will upload on Youtube or Tiktok

depends on Quality and publishing Requirements

in addition, providing requirement of each network they recommend at least to be high quality HD and 4K Videos.

The Content should be easy and very clear and explained as well

You Should add some Creative ideas in your video to let people engage and reply or share your content

finally, its an offer for business and very difficult to find people engaging with it

Moreover, so you have to add some keys to move your video for many people not only the target people.


is what do you need exactly, like you are looking for reach?  or Trend? or Sale?

Of course everyone need everything with no budget at all 🙂 but my advice for small business

who has small budget to focus on long term marketing and one of needs not all!!!


Budget is very important to match with your all needs

or keep in small budget with small marketing campaign in one place too enough.

Targeted Audiences:

Who is your Clients and where they are located and what is their age, Sex,

Interests, and what does your business need?

which client is fair for you? is really looking for your marketing.

in addition, its not more views and more likes and shits without any benefit.

you are just paying money for useless for short time to say Aww in front of people then you keep searching without benefits

you need the advice and we are here to support people for free consultation by Malafaat Team in Egypt

Contact us 00201006366669 and email in order to help you

By Advertising Company Egypt , Malafaat

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