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Marketing Strategy and Effective Marketing Campaigns

What Is a Marketing Campaign?

in addition, At its most basic, a marketing campaign is simply an approach marketers use to promote their company’s products

services, or resources. 

However, for a marketing campaign to have a fighting chance at being effective

that approach should start with a clear strategy and detailed plan.

Marketing Strategy in Egypt 2022
Marketing Strategy in Egypt 2022

Marketing Campaign: Strategy vs. Plan

Think of the strategy component of your marketing campaign

as a destination you’re wanting to reach.

Before you can know how to get there you need to know where you’re going.

It can also help to know why you’re wanting to get there and who’ll join you in your journey.

Applying this to a marketing campaign, your strategy should clearly identify:

  • Where you want to get to (objective)
  • in addition, Why you want to get there (purpose)
  • Who you want to connect with along the way (target audience)
  • Who will help you get there (team)
  • How much it’ll cost to get there (budget)
  • When you plan to get there (timeline)
  • What success looks like (KPI)

in addition, If the strategy is akin to the destination,

then the marketing campaign plan is your roadmap for getting there.

It lays out how your strategy will be executed. Ideally, it should clearly identify

  • What needs to be done (tactics)
  • in addition, How should it get done (activities/tasks)
  • Who will do what (roles and responsibilities)
  • in addition, When the activities and tasks need to be done (deadlines)
  • in addition, How much to spend on what (expenditure of budget)
  • How success will be tracked and measured (metrics)

in addition, Whether your marketing campaign is focused around a specific product,

has a small budget and will only run for a month in a narrow geographic location,

or is a large, global, multi-month initiative with a significant budget

the point is that the first few stages of your campaign should

be focused on defining your strategy and plan.

Who will Help You Get There?

Most marketing campaigns, even short-running ones with small budgets,

in addition, need a team to help bring it to fruition. So, who are the individuals you’d need

to rely on to successfully implement and measure your marketing campaign?

This roster might include:

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