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Printing Services in Cairo with Malafaat is kind of good for professional system

printing in cairo | Printing Agency in Egypt
printing in cairo | Printing Agency in Egypt

What Is Print-On-Demand?

Just as it sounds,

print-on-demand (POD) means

printing only when products are needed, or demanded.

This means that prints are produced and

shipped one by one after your business

has made the sale or has the need for the product.

Choosing this method allows you to print

small quantities of custom prints

with no inventory or need for storage,

as it can be shipped directly to customers.

Print-on-demand has 3 steps:

Creative, production, and fulfillment.

First, we’ll work with you to design the product.

Once you’re happy with the final design, we move into the

production process, printing the precise amount of products.

Finally, in the fulfillment stage, the prints are packaged and

shipped to their final destination, your customer!

It’s that easy.


As a start-up or small business,

the costs you’ll endure can be overwhelming.

When you choose to use print-on-demand,

there is no upfront investment necessary.

In the past, without print-on-demand,

you may have needed to set aside money for production costs,

suppliers, and storage space.

Moreover, Print-on-demand changed the world of print for the better!

in addition Now you can get your prints

where you need them, with no hefty investment.


When ordering in bulk and stocking up for future sales,

this is where businesses find themselves making their biggest investments.

However, it’s risky to purchase a large amount

of products, before knowing if they’ll even sell.

With print-on-demand, there’s no need for excess inventory.

This helps to increase your profit margins substantially!


in addition, Malafaat  network of production partners allows print

on demand jobs to be completed

close to where the materials are needed.

This not only eliminates the cost of warehousing and managing excess inventory,

but it also drastically reduces shipping fees.

Printing Services in Cairo


in fast-paced industries in which

regulations are continually changing.

in addition Materials are only

printed as they are needed,

What is Print-On-Demand Used for?

Business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, and everything in between!

In most cases, it doesn’t make sense to print mass quantities

of materials  that could go to waste or are at risk of becoming outdated.

Malafaat  Printing,

our on-demand digital printing service allows clients

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