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Smart Ways to Drive Leads to Your Website

Lead generation is an important part of business operations.

Smart Ways to Drive Leads to Your Website As a freelancer or small business owner

you want interested buyers to visit your site and learn about your services.

It all begins with attracting qualified traffic to your website.

It’s not a complicated task, but you will need to invest your time and some resources.

Here are five ways to get leads to your site.

1. Boost Organic Search Results

Search engines have become the gateway to learning everything you need to know.

For consumers, it’s a tool to do quick research on a brand, find a coupon code, or just casually shop for clothes on lunch breaks.

Juno reports that 81% of people perform some type of online research before making a large purchase.

Therefore, it’s imperative for your business to rank in search results.

If not, you risk the competition swiping your leads.

Search engine optimization (SEO) centers around knowing the intent of your ideal visitor.

What words do they use? What questions do they ask?

Google’s Keyword Planner is a valuable resource for conducting your keyword research.

You can discover new phrases that match your services and narrow your keyword list to the ones that really matter.

Once you’ve nailed down your keywords, you’re ready to write content.

Use on-page SEO best practices, like adding the keyword in the header, to earn more leads.

Then, tailor your content to keep visitors engaged.

2. Develop Partner Campaigns

Partnerships are key to growing your small business.

When you connect with partners, you get access to their resources and audience.

In return, you can leverage those assets to influence people to check out your site.

Co-marketing campaigns help partners bring their expertise to the partnership and gain a mutual benefit.

Mustafa Elnefyawi ,CEO of Malafaat Advertising Company Egypt , Agrees:

“You can set up partnerships with reputed companies to start your co-marketing campaign.

This will help the users to know more about your products and services because they will get a wider platform for exploring your offers.”

Your campaign doesn’t have to be super complex.

How to lead more visits to your website?
How to lead more visits to your website?

You might partner with a business to create a social media video or run an exclusive promotion.

If you got the time, you could host an intimate VIP event in your local area, too.

Whatever you decide, stick to your goal of driving leads to your business.

Make sure all promotional signage includes your website.

It’s also a clever idea to capture people’s email addresses to send them future updates.

3. Advertise on Social Media

Small businesses operate on tight budgets. You don’t have the luxury to throw money at every marketing idea.

Totally understandable.

However, most small businesses suffer when they don’t want to spend any money.

They constrain their budgets to where there isn’t any room to execute on sound strategies.

If you’re willing to step into a growth mindset, your business should consider testing social media advertising.

It’ll drive more leads to your site, in addition to spreading brand awareness.

Start with the social media platform that your typical buyer uses.

Then, determine your weekly or monthly budget. It can be a few hundred dollars.

Next, follow the on-screen directions on the platform.

For example, Twitter helps you build your ad from start-to-finish with helpful tips along the way.

Make sure your ad uses an eye-appealing image and concise copy.

Look at how Mustafa Elnefyawi crafted their Facebook ad below.

The graphic is colorful with the logo prominently displayed, and the copy talks directly to the consumer with a coupon.

Don’t be afraid to spend your marketing budget.

Social media advertising can be effective for your company.

4. Participate in Online Communities

The online world serves as a home for people with different interests, ideas, and beliefs.

You can literally find a community for anything, from Star Wars’ fan clubs to dog lovers’ support groups.

You can tap into these online communities to drive more leads to your site.

Mustafa Elnefyawi  , CEO OF Malafaat , highlights the benefits:

“Participating in these conversations increases your exposure as well as the odds of engaging with other group members.

If you’re focusing on a select few groups to participate in, it’s the most time efficient to participate in groups that get a lot of views, discussions, and traffic.”

Before you go spamming everyone with your marketing messages, it’s critical that you join these communities with a genuine interest to bring value to its members.

So, don’t talk about your services every time you engage the group.

Plus, you’ll want to join communities that fit your business’s purpose.

For instance, it’s not cool to push your floral arrangement businesses in a group focused on college basketball.

5. Send Creative Emails

Email marketing is one of the hidden gems of small business.

Companies usually get bogged down with executing so many other tactics that they forget about their email subscribers.

The first step is to continue building your email list.

You can add pop-ups to your homepage prompting visitors to give their email addresses in exchange for a discount.

Or you can encourage your social media followers to sign up for your weekly newsletter.

Next, focus on sending emails with worthwhile content.

The message should entice leads to click to learn more.

For instance, if you’re a boxing gym owner, you may send a list of the top five tips on how to be a better boxer.

You would include two of those tips in the email and have the subscriber go to your website to get the additional three strategies.

We are  creative in their approach to getting leads to your website.

In the email below, We offer their subscribers a $40 off coupon and simple instructions on how to get started with Our service.

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