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SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing Company ( Short Message Service) is a messaging protocol to send and receive text messages on mobile phones.

With text messaging being active for almost three decades,

it is safe to say that all the active cell phones support text messaging, making SMS Campaign a valuable marketing channel.

SMS refers to using SMS to send promotional messages for marketing products or doing business promotions.

Malafaat offers a bundle of SMS Campaigns around the world

we have our own premium database and we know how to find the correct leads for our clients

We provide the following services you can find a large services and offers for SMS for different categories and countries

and you can contact us through email inquiry@malafaat.com or call 00201006366669 for new orders

We provide SMS Marketing to work through targeting system to find out and sort the ages, salaries, cities, countries, VIP

Actually the premium database can’t be used with low SMS campaigns, you need to start from 1 Million SMS to get high quality database in your campaign

SMS Marketing company in Arabian Countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain we can deliver our services  for most of Arabian countries..

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