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Video Maker,

Marketer, Publishing Company in Egypt

Video Maker, Marketer, Publishing Company in Egypt by Malafaat 

Malafaat help you to Build the idea of promotional Video as a part of its Free Marketing Consultation

to setup the vision and mission with client in order to get the exact visitor too meet our requirement.

Video Maker Montage Company Egypt | Best Video Mounter
Video Maker Montage Company Egypt | Best Video Mounter

Marketing is a big deal and not only funds. for sure funds budget

in addition, is also important but having the money or investing money in marketing without experience is delivering the wrong audience


it depend on the project Build from the begging until the END lets say that the Video Direction and Shooting, and even its Scenario

and budget plus Media production such as Quality assurance and technical marketing Message of your campaign.

Video Clipping Services

These video clips represent an opportunity for you to showcase your expertise,

build a loyal following and grow the brand of your business

which is why you need a professional firm to handle all of your video clipping service needs.

Malafaat maintains a dedicated staff of video editing and clipping experts

who are actively researching and gather video content related to you and your business,

create professional clips and prepare them for use in corporate recruiting materials, investor relations packages and more.

If you need video clipping service for your business,

the company to contact for professional service is Malafaat

its very easy for us to support your business with many ideas

Wedding Video Editing

Video Malafaat expert editors are there to help you capture the essence of each unique wedding

by preserving the day in such a way that the bride and groom will relive their special day over and over again.

in addition, Our professional video editing experts stand ready to partner with you when you decide to outsource marriage video editing.

As a wedding videographer or photographer, you have an immense responsibility to capture the marriage ceremony.

We step in to assist with the final product or deliver the entire package.

Malafaat is a  full range of video editing for marriage services  (Prices depend on project details and requirements).

Whether you are a small/big business or having an event we will help you with the best needed for your video

Product Video Editing

And technology companies across the Egypt, Gulf, the U.S., Europe, and Australia. Using Adobe Premiere Pro,

our skilled video editors bring rich quality to your product videos

in addition, can support the latest emerging formats like 4K and higher resolutions.

Moreover, We focus on trimming, splitting, joining video segments, along with soundtracks
animated transitions, chroma-key, and special filters to ensure your product
videos are edited according to industry standards.

Corporate Video Maker Services

Our experience working with corporate communications managers, marketing directors, and HR teams has augmented

in addition, our approach to editing video content including employee recruitment and training

corporate events, and promotional and branding content.

Organizations can boost their corporate and brand messages and increase work culture impact

with professionally produced videos that augment brand identity and help share your company’s story.

Malafaat outsourcing model is built upon our core values of integrity, quality, security, and affordability.

in addition, Our technological foundation with licensed video editing software
and cutting-edge post-production infrastructure has enabled us
to deliver high-quality videos each time every project.

Sports Video Maker Services

Video editing for sports is a highly specialized service of Malafaat

that brings together a multitude of video post-processing

in addition, photo editing skillsets to provide you the required results.

Our editors are top sports video editing professionals , motion tracking, video stabilizing

Moreover, more to deliver the highest quality outputs.

in addition, Malafaat video editing team is backed by experienced sports subject matter experts

who offer a unique perspective on video content and editing priorities.

We offer all-inclusive service packages to make your sports event videos
into short highlights video, full-coverage video, or as specified.

Contact us today to get your project up and running as quickly as possible.

Malafaat experience in Video Editing for commercial and corporate sectors and personnel projects

We are located in Egypt but we support and deliver our service to worldwide

just call Malafaat and we will help you

00201006366669 or email to

By Malafaat

Malafaat is a web design company in Egypt and Advertising Company & Marketing Agency providing the best services in Design and Branding & Giveaways and Printing , Digital Marketing Services , Web design Services , Events Management and Planning Services. We provide the best SEO services for Search Engine on Website and providing Link backs to improve and grow your business and calls , visits to your website. We provide Social Media Marketing and Management for Public Figures , Brands, Companies. We provide Secured and fully managed Malafaat also provide Online SEO ADS which help your business to grow with more calls and visits during 3-6 months Contact us to place your AD online with Malafaat or call 00201006366669 Ads system with Malafaat will increase your reach and calls and sales. Malafaat is a web design company in Egypt and Saudi Arabia since 2002 one of the best Marketing and Advertising Agencies in Middle East.

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